Happy Easter !!!

 It's that time of year... for lawn and yard upkeep in the Village. If anyone has a few hours to spare or a truck we could borrow, a compost run is in order. Please let the CVCS know if you are able to lend a hand.



Clayburn Village in the Movies

We continue to be a popular film location for numerous movies. They just completed shooting a portion of the ongoing Hallmark Family Channel series of the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries - #6 - "A Fool and His Honey" February 21 - 23, 2017 at a private residence, the CVCS Athletic Park and the City Park (Brick Plant) across Clayburn Road from the village. 


A Fool and His Honey - Aurora Teagarden Mystery #6

Dead Over Heels - Aurora Teagarden Mystery #5


Julius House - Aurora Teagarden Mystery #4

Three Bedrooms One Corpse - Aurora Teagarden Mystery #3


Santa's Gift

The Christmas Note

A Bone to Pick - Aurora Teagarden Mystery #1


Film Shoots 





 Don Bladon
Our dear friend Don Bladon passed away om November 7, 2014, at the age of 82 . He will be sadly missed.
Don spent thousands of hours creating a scale model, in amazing detail and accuracy, of  the village buildings and the brickplant as they existed  circa 1920. The 13 X 16 foot  model is now displayed in the Clayburn Village Museum

Did you know?

Clinkers are brick that have been overheated in the burning process and are usually dark, misshapen, glossy or bubbled.

Clayburn Brick Plant Workers

Clayburn Brick Plant Workers





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